Future All Star Team (F.A.S.T.)

Our Mission

To provide the opportunities for CAI-NJ future leaders to engage and become immersed in our industry through professional development, civic outreach and social/business networking activities. To be the catalyst that allows our future leaders to make measurable and significant impacts in both their personal and professional lives as well as in our communities.

About F.A.S.T.

CAI-NJ’s F.A.S.T., founded in 2015, is comprised of dedicated, energetic and involved young professionals who support the mission and vision of our entire organization. F.A.S.T. members are the ‘rising stars’ in their business and community who strive to advance to the top of their field.

Being a member of F.A.S.T. means growing your career with opportunities to make new connections while giving back to the community.

2024 Committee Listing

Chair – Jessica Long

Vice Chair – Eric Eggert, CIC, CIRMS

Adara Azeez

Chelsea Brodmerkel

Jonathan Cairone

Melanie Donnoli

Kristi Evans

Shelby Evans, CPA, EBP

Rebecca Gavin

Steven Kuhnert

Mary Ellen Liberatore

Will Meola

Marian Miawad, Esq.

Nicole Miller, Esq.

Kristina Munson, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Jen O’Brien, CMCA

Jose Romero, EBP

Joe Santucci

Dharmi Shah

Peter Shine, EBP

Jimmy Stovall

Lauren Vadenais, EBP

Michael Vargetto

Kristy Winchock, EBP

CJ Witzcak

Board Liaisons:

Michael Flippin, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Cheryl Rhine, CIC, CIRMS, EBP

CAI-NJ Liaisons:

Brooke Stoppiello-Nevins

Robin Surgent