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Your NJ-LAC & CA-PAC Working Hard Protecting the Interests of Common Interest Communities

Walk the halls of our capitol in Trenton and you see a lot of doors… door to legislator’s offices… doors to committee rooms… doors to the Assembly and Senate chambers. It takes a lot to get through those doors. You’re not just invited in. You need a key. With a key you’re taken seriously. With a key, you get things done.

That’s why CAI-NJ carries three keys.

  • Your Legislative Action Committee (LAC): Your key eyes, ears, legs and voice in the legislative process.
  • Your Political Action Committee (PAC): Your key contributions to support elected officials who strengthen your community.
  • Your Professional Lobbyists: Your key, full-time pros engaged by CAI-NJ who know government’s ins and outs, advise us on who to see and when, and how to connect.

What can you do?

Take action – Your voice is key! After meeting with elected officials and clarifying our position on pending legislation, we will alert you to the most crucial actions you can take. By contacting your local legislators, you ensure that your voice, and our agenda, is heard.

  • Give – Your donations are key! Backing the PAC with your donations shows legislators that you’re serious, and that our cause counts.
  • Promote – Your personal influence is key! Talk about CAI-NJ’s legislative engagement in your community and business. Let your current residents know that we’re fighting for them, their community and their jobs!

The keys only work with your support.

Make your gift to the CA-PAC today.