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CAI-NJ provides Community Managers with the tools and resources to succeed.

Community managers and management companies are the professional backbone of the communities they serve, providing the skills and expertise that are essential to the successful management of associations.  CAI-NJ aims to provide community managers with the tools and resources to excel within their profession.  We recommend you bookmark this webpage or download the .pdfs to your tablet or desktop and reference it frequently as a guide for ongoing professionalism. This is yet another way CAI is your one and only go-to resource. 

Continuing Education Credits for CMCA, AMS, and PCAM Credentials

For a complete matrix of required continuing education credits based on PMDP courses to earn your community manager designations, recertifications and redesignations please visit the link below. 

Jules C. Frankel Manager Education Assistance Program

Elevate Your Career in the Community Management Industry! – Apply for a Scholarship Today! Application deadline is March 29, 2024.

Education Course Catalog

CAI delivers high-quality continuing education for any stage in your career. We’re delivering flexible education to meet the needs of today’s community association professionals with e-learning, live virtual courses, and live classroom courses.

Community Manager Briefcase

If you are an experienced manager, but new to CAI, these resources will provide you with convenient ways to stay current with trends and elevate your career as a professional community manager. The contents of the briefcase will provide references and recommendations for you to learn and accelerate your career.

Opportunities Knock

Opening the door to careers in Community Association Management. A resource for job seekers at any stage in their professional lives. 

Management Transition Best Practices

Management company transition is inevitable from time to time as associations change and evolve. CAI-NJ believes that cooperative efforts amongst management members helps maintain professional relationships and fosters a positive image to community associations during times of transition.

The Designation Highway - With Exits at CMCA, AMS & PCAM!

This informative webinar discusses certifications and designations, what they are and why they are so important. It explains the various designations and certifications available to management professionals and how to achieve. Click the link below to access this on-demand webinar now. 

Learning Center

Get the most from CAI education through this comprehensive valuable resource, summarizing all you need to know to become the best and stand out in the industry.


CAMICB is excited to share a new blog post titled “What It Means and What It Takes to Be an Effective Community Association Manager.” This insightful article is the first in a series aimed at enhancing community association management practices. It is the first in a series of articles planned for release monthly over the next few months. Each article aims to explore different aspects of community association management, offering practical advice and insights.

Decoding the ABC's of Credentials, Certificates & Designations

What do those letters behind your name mean? Even for those deeply entrenched in the credentialing world, there’s a certain degree of confusion around some of the terminology used to describe specific paths professionals take to further their careers and skill sets. The following link will explore this topic further.

Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

CAI-NJ offers a variety of educational programs that provide CEC’s towards the PMDP requirements. Program attendees should email to request a certificate immediately following the attended presentation. You must be in attendance for the entire lived program to obtain a certificate. Certificates will be emailed to you and will be uploaded to your account through CAI-NJ. You are responsible for collecting the certificates and tracking your attendance. Certificates will not be awarded for previously recorded webinars, as attendance cannot be tracked.