Homeowner Leader Committee


The Homeowner Leader Committee works within the chapter structure to develop and plan programs for homeowner leaders and assists in the recruitment and engagement of homeowner leaders in the chapter. They work together to bring you topics and programs that directly affect those living in community associations.


  • Plan and contribute topics for educational programs and roundtables
  • Plan and coordinate the Community Association Leadership Summit
  • Recruit and retain Homeowner Leader members
  • Ensure the chapter is creating value with its programming
  • Engage homeowner members with the chapter and CAI National

Upcoming Events & Education:

  • For upcoming networking opportunities please click here.
  • For upcoming educational courses please click here.

2024 Committee Listing:

Chair – Lois Gerber

Vice Chair – Bruce Blum

Joseph Branciforte

Roslyn Brodsky

Barbara Finn, CMCA

Charles Fredericks

Carl Kentzel

Thomas Krieger

Richard Lans

Cheryl Palent

Board Liaisons:

Charles Lavine

Robert Travis, CIRMS

CAI-NJ Liaisons:

Jaclyn Oskierko

Robin Surgent