Legislative Update: October 2022

Members of your New Jersey Legislative Action Committee (NJ-LAC) are excited to attend the CAI-NJ Annual Conference & Expo at The Event Center @IPA in Freehold on October 20, 2022. CAI-NJ will be hosting a Legislative Update program at the event, during which Mitch Frumkin, P.E., R.S. of Kipcon, Inc., David Ramsey, Esq. of Becker, George Greatrex, Esq. of Hill Wallack LLP, Michele Jaker of MBI, and I will provide you with updates on all of our legislative priorities. Our priorities include building safety/structural integrity, accessory dwelling units, board member training, manager licensing, fire hydrant maintenance responsibility, and municipal bonds for developer site improvements.
While the summer months are generally slow as the legislature is not in session, the NJ-LAC has not been resting on its laurels. Instead, with the assistance of our lobbyist, Michele Jaker from MBI, various members of the NJ-LAC have attended numerous meetings with legislators from both parties to promote our priorities, answer questions, and build credibility.

In addition, the Community Association Political Action Committee CA-PAC donations are critical to our efforts. Members of the NJ-LAC frequently attend fundraising events and, in so doing, gain access to key lawmakers. This is not possible without CA-PAC funding. Therefore, we encourage all of our members to participate in CA-PAC events and to give generously. These donations are used in a targeted giving program to lawmakers and benefit all CAI stakeholders. You can find a form on page xx of this magazine to give your contribution today.

It has taken the efforts of the NJ-LAC, the CA-PAC, and our CAI-NJ grassroots members together to make our efforts successful over the last several years, which include significant legislative achievements such as COVID-19 immunity, expanded lien priorities, and the Radburn statute. We hope to continue this streak of success by getting the building safety/structural integrity legislation passed, which will be a model for the entire country to follow.

In fact, we are optimistic that, by the time you read this article, the building safety legislation will have been passed out of committee in the Senate.



Leg.Up. Oct. 2022

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