Women's Leadership Committee

Our Mission

The mission of the CAI Women’s Leadership Committee (WLC) is to provide education and resources to mentor, support and empower women aspiring to grow within or enter the industry.

Developing Initiatives

Educational Programs: The Women’s Leadership committee will be hosting a variety of educational programs targeting issues affecting women in business as well as topics related to professional growth. Both men and women are encouraged to participate as topics are not gender exclusive and will benefit all attendees.

Networking Opportunities: Building a network of women to support your professional and personal growth is challenging. Women’s Leadership Network facilitates connections between participants by hosting networking events and other activities that build business relationships.

Book Club: Successful leaders find ways to stay on the cutting edge in their fields. The Women’s Leadership Committee has selected a list of books that support women in leadership roles, as well as books that promote personal and professional growth. Join the discussions! 

Virtual Discussion Groups: The Women’s Leadership Committee will host virtual discussion groups on podcasts that are both inspirational as well as educational, to help women become leaders in their industry.

Mentorship Program: Ultimately, participants will have the opportunity to join in the mentorship program. We will link mentors and mentees together to encourage support and growth. More information coming soon…

For current networking events please CLICK HERE 

As well as, current educational programs please CLICK HERE

Women’s Leadership Network

All women in the chapter are a member of the Women’s Leadership Network, led by the Women’s Leadership Committee. YOU are an integral part of our effort to support women in our industry. Members will be kept up to date through a quarterly newsletter and be invited to exciting WLN programs and events throughout the year. We need your commitment to involvement to be able to create a network of strong, professional women. We encourage you to share your suggestions and input to the committee and the staff of how we can serve you best.

2023 Committee Listing:

Chair – Lirelle Klein

Vice Chair – Jamie Cullen, CMCA

Amani Abdellah, Esq. 

Caryn Brahn

Jennifer Carr

Linda Courain, CMCA, AMS

 Ellen Goodman, Esq.

Martinia Heath, CMCA, AMS

Svetlana Malinsky, CMCA

Kristin Marzarella

Gail McDermid, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Rachel Neves

Jennifer Nevins, CMCA, EBP

Jennifer O’Brien

Cheryl Rhine, CIC, CIRMS

Nikki Schillaci, EBP

Lisa Vitiello, CPA

Board Liaisons:

Mary Barrett, Esq.

Kristina Munson, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

CAI-NJ Liaisons:

Jaclyn Oskierko

Robin Surgent