2022 Committee Sign-Ups

2022 CAI-NJ Committee Sign-Ups Now Available!

Take an Active Role in the Operations of our Chapter

CAI-NJ is known for having the most active committee members out of all of the CAI chapters.

There’s good reason for this. Engaged members get the most out of their membership, for themselves, for their careers, and for the communities they serve. Some of the specific benefits include:

  • Establish relationships with other members in the community association industry
  • Establish you and your company as leaders
  • Make your mark on important decisions facing the communities we serve
  • Keep up to date on changes, trends and developments
  • Boost your career by earning recognition among peers for outstanding work and volunteerism
  • Create quality programs and services to improve the industry

Dozens of members serve on committees. Each committee is supported by one or more dedicated CAI-NJ Team members. Through the teamwork of professionals and volunteers, CAI-NJ Committees are instrumental in the success and growth of the chapter.

2022 Committees

Awards Dinner Committee

Business Partner Committee

Conference & Expo Committee (C+E)

Editorial Committee

Future All Star Team (F.A.S.T.) Committee

Golf Committee

Homeowner Leader Committee

Manager Committee

Membership Committee

Networking Events Committee

Women’s Leadership Committee

2022 Committee Guidelines and Overview

The CAI-NJ standing committee appointments are made by the President-Elect in October prior to his/her term of office, and they are reported to the membership prior to the Chapter Retreat in December. The Chapter President and the Chapter Executive Director are ex officio members of all committees. Committee appointments are made for a one-year term. Replacements and substitutions are permitted on committees at the discretion of the President and Committee Chair. Committee members must be current CAI-NJ members in good standing throughout their terms.

A CAI Membership Representation Group (MRG) balance shall be preserved, whenever possible, when determining committee assignments. No two members of the same association or firm shall serve concurrently on the same committee. Also, no association or firm shall have more than one member serving as committee chair in a calendar year.

The service policy allows each member-company a seat on three committees in a given year, with one company representative per committee. This does not apply to Community Association Managers. Homeowner Leader (HL) committee members may also serve on one (1) additional committee. Ultimate Partners are allowed seats on four (4) committees in a given year.

The committee meeting dates will be presented at the Chapter Retreat & Winter Break Party on Thursday, December 9, 2021, at The Grand Marquis in Old Bridge, based upon the parameters set forth in these policies. Committee meetings will be held at the CAI-NJ chapter office, unless otherwise stated. If in-person meetings are not permissible, they will be conducted virtually. The chair, through CAI-NJ staff, is responsible for sending a meeting agenda prior to each meeting. Meetings can and should be cancelled for lack of agenda. PLEASE NOTE: all 2022 CAI-NJ Committee members are committing to attend all scheduled, in-person meetings. If a meeting is schedule in-person, there will be no virtual or call-in option available.

Committees shall host the required number of meetings as prescribed in the individual descriptions for each committee herein. This attendance policy shall be strictly enforced by committee chairs, CAI-NJ President and Chapter Executive Director. Those members who are deemed in violation of this policy may be removed from the committee. It will be each committee member’s responsibility to sign the attendance sheet provided at each meeting in order to keep an accurate record of attendance.

It is the responsibility of each committee to work within the chapter’s budget. All committee activities are self-supporting and do not rely upon chapter operating funds for their endeavors.

At the Chapter Retreat, the committee will pre-assign a member representative to take the minutes for all scheduled meetings. If the member representative is unable to attend the meeting on their scheduled day, the Vice Chair will be responsible for submitting the minutes to your Staff Liaison. It shall further be the responsibility of the chair to cause a written report in the way of minutes/summary of the committee’s meetings and activities to be provided to the Chapter Executive Director, the committee’s Board Liaison and members of the committee. At a minimum, these reports shall be due at the CAI-NJ chapter office no later than two weeks after each meeting. Presentation of a report at the CAI-NJ Board of Directors meeting will be made by the Board Liaison to the CAI-NJ Board of Directors, as necessary. The Chapter Executive Director, President and Board Liaison shall be informed of all scheduled meetings and activities of the committee and receive copies of all committee meeting minutes/summaries and other relevant information from the committee.

Sign Up for a 2022 Committee Now!

Deadline to submit - Friday, October 1, 2021.

Questions or to submit your registration please contact the chapter at info@cainj.org or 609-588-0030