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Structural Integrity & Reserve Funding Webinar

Watch the playback of the webinar from Friday, February 2, 2024 where our NJ-LAC Structural Integrity Task Force takes a deep dive into what this bill means. 

S2760 Legislative Requirements - Structure & Reserves

Full PowerPoint presentation from the New Jersey Legislative Action Committee – Structural Integrity & Reserve Funding Webinar

Reserve Study Standards

One of the primary responsibilities of the board of directors of a community association is to protect, maintain, and enhance the assets of the association. To accomplish this objective, associations must develop multiyear plans to help them anticipate and responsibly prepare for ongoing preventive maintenance, periodic structural inspections, as well as for the timely repair and replacement of common area components such as roofs, roads, mechanical equipment, and other portions of the community’s common elements.

Condominium Safety Public Policy Report

Reserve Studies and Funding, Maintenance, and Structural Integrity

Following the tragic partial collapse of Champlain Tower South in Surfside, Fla., on June 24, 2021, CAI convened task forces to explore changes to laws and best practices for the community association housing model that may help other communities avoid this type of devastation and to provide solutions for legislators seeking to address building safety in their districts.

Community Association Maintenance - Best Practices

A regularly applied maintenance plan and program combined with a properly prepared and funded reserve study can lead to safe, desirable, financially secure community associations. 

This report highlights:

  • Building Maintenance Programs
  • Roles & Responsibilities of the Developer and Homeowners
  • The Intersection of Reserve Studies and Maintenance
  • Sample Maintenance Checklists

Structural Integrity/Reserve Study/Funding Legislation
What do You do Now?

A comprehensive article from the March 2024 issue of Community Trends on the legislation that is based on the Condominium Safety Public
Policy Report, Reserve Studies and Funding, Maintenance and Structural Integrity prepared by CAI as well as the recently updated CAI Reserve Study Standards and the recently released CAI Best Practices Report on Maintenance.

By Mitchell H. Frumkin, PE, RS, Kipcon Inc., Founder,
J. David Ramsey, Esq., Becker, Shareholder, and
Edward San George, MPA, PCAM, Integra Management, Corp., AAMC, President

Lunch with LAC Seminar

PowerPoint slides from the February 29, 2024 CAI-NJ Legislative Update Program discussing the issues that are directly affecting those that live and work in community associations.

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