ADR Mediation

The New Jersey chapter of Community Associations Institute is proud to offer an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – Mediation Program to CAI-NJ members as an exclusive benefit.

What is ADR?

The CAI-NJ ADR-Mediation Program is designed as an alternative to the traditional justice system. It is a fair and efficient procedure for the resolution of housing-related disputes between individual owners and association and between unit owners. It includes negotiation and mediation with a third party. This service is offered to parties who live or work in community associations. Community associations are required by state law to offer homeowners a “fair and efficient” alternative to litigation.

How does ADR work?

ADR involves a mediation conference where the disputing parties meet with a mediator on a voluntary basis to talk about the problem and attempt to reach an agreement. The mediator is selected by CAI-NJ and assists the parties in arriving at a solution, but does not impose a decision. The mediator helps the parties look at all aspects of the issues and explore what may be acceptable to both parties as a resolution.

What are the benefits of ADR through CAI-NJ?

The CAI-NJ ADR Program will most likely be less expensive than the normal judicial process because it is a one-time fee rather than court costs and undetermined legal fees. Also, mediation is a confidential process unlike court cases that are adjudicated in public session. Many mediated disputes only require one session to resolve, and those sessions can be scheduled quickly. A filed court case may take months or years to resolve.

Please note: at this time, all mediations are being conducted virtually.

Download the ADR – Mediation Service Request Form.

*To be eligible for the ADR – Mediation program a minimum of two (2) board members from the association must have current CAI-NJ memberships.

If your association does not currently fulfill the membership requirement and you wish to participate in the ADR – Mediation program, call the CAI-NJ office at (609)588-0030 or email The annual cost for membership is $305 for two (2) board members.

Download the CAI-NJ membership application

If you have additional questions regarding the ADR – Mediation Program, please contact the CAI-NJ office at (609)  588-0030 or